STANLEY LARSEN, INC. was formed in 1992 to support and in service to Stanley Larsen's creative endeavors and directorial assignments.

As a full service production company, SL, Inc. is actively engaged in creating and producing high quality national television commercials for leading brands and their advertising agencies throughout North America and beyond.

For the last fourteen years, Stanley's talents as a film director has been highly sought after by clients like TARGET, WELLS FARGO, SEARS, NOKIA, PHILIP MORRIS, DELL, NORDSTROM, and MICROSOFT. He's worked with top creatives from Publicis, DDB, Chiat Day/Mojo, FCB, WB Doner, Palmer Jarvis and Fallon McGelligot where he's racked up numerous awards.

He has directed via his production company in more than 25 states and provinces, and 15 countries. Stanley has been a member of the Directors Guild of America for twelve years.




Pioneer, world-class professional ski champion, and innovator of original extreme sport – Freestyle Skiing. Several, multi year, global sponsorship and endorsement contracts, worldwide tours, with Volvo, K2 Sports, Salomon Sports, Liebeman/Kaigi Japan and the Marlboro World Championship Team. Featured skier in films by Warren Miller; Salomon film series, “ Adventure Skiing around the World” and “Assignment K2”. Co- designer/builder of transportable acrobatic ski jumps; co-founder early skateboard company. DIRECTOR/DP FOR OFFICIAL DOCUMENTARY FILM at SARAJEVO WINTER OLYMPIC GAMES. Creative producer/director of live performance art for the BUMBERSHOOT ARTS FESTIVAL and creative consultant for the GOODWILL GAMES.

back-flip with camera

marlborough world tour

production still in s. america

powder magazine cover


Larsen’s film career continued to unfold as he learned the trade from behind the camera, producing national TV commercials and films while traveling to all corners of the globe. He began shooting fashion videos for clothing companies in Japan that led to directing national MTV commercials for GENERRA in 1993. Larsen’s firsthand knowledge of locations around the world and his ability to work in almost any type of situation have made him highly sought after when unique and challenging filming environments are called for. From snow-covered mountains in South America and Australia to the Arctic Circle or the Winter Olympic Games...While shooting a commercial for Michigan-based WOLVERINE WORLDWIDE, Larsen climbed to the top of a suspension bridge alongside the bridge workers and designed images that thrill viewers with the impending dangers facing the work boot-clad men moving high above the cold waters.




Larsen has also produced documentaries such as the multi-media, performance artist extravaganza for BUMBERSHOOT (the largest arts festival in the United States included hundreds of performers and culminated in the burning event of a colossal, forty-foot high flaming "bovineasaurus"). 33 FAINTING SPELLS, a nationally recognized dance company in Seattle recently hired Larsen to film an intriguing dance/art video in an abandoned convalescent home. For THE FLYING KARAMAZOV BROTHERS and in conjunction with MIT, Larsen helped conceive of, produce, and integrate live action and pre-recorded film and video elements for their zany national performance tour entitled L’UNIVERSE. He also has served as a creative consultant for the opening ceremonies of the GOODWILL GAMES in Seattle. Larsen has just recently finished producing a feature film entitled THE OUTPATIENT.